Glue Sticks

  • Special rug-making formulation can be used with National’s 9028, 9033, and most other glue guns
Part # Description
115B: 7/16" x 10" stick, 25-pound case

Glue Plugs

  • 1-3/4” wide x 1-3/4” long
  • Professional high-volume plug formulated for rug-making
  • For use with the 420 back-seaming gun
  • Ships UPS
Part # Description
118B: Glue Plugs, 35-pound case
781-B: Bulk Sprayable HD Glue Plugs, 35-pound case
  • For 782 gun only

Other Adhesives

Part # Description
113-101B: Spray Adhesive
  • Case of twelve 12-1⁄2-ounce aerosol cans
  • Finest quality sprayable backing adhesive
  • Allows immediate roll-up after backing is applied
  • Stays flexible
112-1132-4: Spreadable Latex Backing Adhesive
  • 4-gallon container
  • Covers approximately 10 yards per gallon, making it the most liked rug backing adhesive in the industry
  • Dries to a neutral color
  • Works on all types of backings
  • Trowel or roller application
  • Water based