About Us

Founded in 1968, National Flooring Equipment has focused on building quality equipment and supporting it with unparalleled customer service. Over four decades later, our commitment to these key principles remains as strong as the day we began.

With over fifty United States and foreign patents, National boasts the most extensive product offering currently available in the surface preparation industry. At National, we engineer and manufacture equipment for solutions to industry inefficiencies. Increasing production, reducing labor and elevating the standard of quality are the technical benchmarks from which we design, build and service. Working with our most valuable asset - our customer - National’s commitment reaches beyond expectation. This is proven in our technology, innovation and customer service. 

As always, we thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

A New Vision

Developing Industry-Leading Products with Unequaled Customer Service 

National Carpet Equipment changed their philosophy in 2007 with a vision to move from a single-channel company to a multi-channeled provider to the construction supply industry. Since that time, National has changed the name to National Flooring Equipment and successfully launched several new products. This includes a complete line of planetary grinders, advanced technology for battery ride-on scrapers. Then add to that the safest and cleanest fuel-burning propane rider in the industry.

We place an emphasis on research, innovation, developing of industry leading products. In addition, we restructured and re-educated our customer service department to provide sound application solutions and consultation to our distributors as well as end users.  Most companies would be content with our success. However, at National we continuously strive to engineer better products, improve upon old technology and provide industry-leading customer service.   


Lloyd Anderson founded National on two basic principles; build quality equipment and support it with unparalleled customer service. Over the years the company may have changed names, but we have stayed consistent with our founding principles. 

Evolving from a retail carpet supply center, National began designing and manufacturing equipment in the 1970s. Revolutionary tools such as the Measure Master, Mobil Lift, and dozens of others led National to once unimaginable heights.
In 1988, Marty Anderson (Lloyd’s son) took the reigns as President of National. Over the next two decades Marty utilized the twenty years of industry experience he gleaned from his father to elevate National to international recognition. National has emerged as the industry leader in walk-behind floor scraper technology, ride-on floor scraper technology with electric, propane and battery powered models, as well as concrete floor preparation and polishing equipment.

By 2007, the company was experiencing enormous growth.  In order to allow the company to expand at the required levels, Marty invited experienced business partners to join in ownership. Since that time the company has relocated into a state-of-the art manufacturing facility and introduced twelve new products.  Product innovation and customer service continue to be our priorities and it shows in our quality and customer support.