Handling Equipment

carpet carvers and carpet handling equipment 

Handi-Easy Skids™

Move appliances and furniture easier and faster than with other moving devices.

  • Slides any size object over any surface without damage
  • Easily makes sharp turns through doorways
  • Handy to use and store
  • Ready to use, no assembly required
  • Will not break
  • Non-slip foam rubber on top side with extra smooth flexible plastic bottom
Part # Description
93 4’ Long X 6-3/4” wide set of 2 skids
93-6 6’ Long X 6-3/4” wide set of 2 skids
93-2 11-1⁄2” Long X 6-3⁄4” wide set of 2 skids
93-H Pull handle (28-1/2” length) set of 2

carpet carvers - truck winch

63-DC: Truck Winch

Easily handles large rolls of carpet and will move pallets from the front to the rear, or the rear to the front of truck.

  • One person can load and unload trucks without injury in a fraction of the time of four people
  • Winch mounts at ceiling height inside box on bulk head
  • Simple to mount
  • A 4-inch channel mounted across the back of the truck allows a pulley to be directly aligned with roll
  • Powerful motor pulls at 22 feet per minute
  • Pulling capacity of up to 2000 pounds
  • Just as important as a forklift but at a fraction of the cost
  • Recognized by insurance companies for worker’s comp reductions
  • Rope included
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty